Designing My Magazine Cover

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.38.16 PM

To create my Magazine Cover, I had to follow many steps. First, I chose a logo to represent our magazine; The Panamanian Observer. I started of by making a sketch on a paper, so I could elaborate ideas, and have a clear design to follow before creating the real cover. Because my magazine cover had to include things such as guidelines, a main cover line, bar codes, cover lines and flashes, I made sure to add all of these aspects to my sketch.

Once it had the full sketch and idea of what I wanted my magazine cover to look like I started by creating the main cover line, which had to be intriguing to capture the viewer’s attention. I also put lots of thought into the cover lines to really give the viewer an idea of what to expect in the magazine.

After finishing the informative part of the magazine cover, I moved on the the presentation part. For this, I decided to create a logo for our class magazine called The Panamanian Observer. I came up with the idea to draw an eye which would be surrounded by the title of the magazine. I then took a screenshot and uploaded it to my electronic version of the magazine cover. I also put some thought into the colours I was going to use for my magazine cover, and decided to go with the two main colours of the Panama flag (blue and red).

A magazine cover should always look appealing to the viewer’s eye, and give them an idea what to expect inside. They should always include guidelines, a main cover line, cover lines, barcodes and flashes to make them look realistic and let the viewer know about the magazine without giving out all of the information. In conclusion, I think I was on task for this assignment and followed all of the steps given. Next time, I would like making my magazine cover look even more realistic and professional.


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