Yellow Cadillac

The mysterious Cadillac robbery has been solved. Yesterday, a young Puerto-Rican adolescent from Mango Street has been caught, after riding his siblings and family members around the neighborhood in the stolen Cadillac. After realizing he was being followed by police officers, he immediately stopped the vehicle to let family members come out. Then, he rapidly took off, trying to avoid the police officers. Once reaching a corner, the young man crashed into a lamppost, in the attempt of making a left-hand turn. No serious injuries occurred to the teenager, on the other hand, the front of the Yellow Cadillac was gravely damaged. The juvenile was then handcuffed and waved goodbye at, by his younger siblings, as he then took off in the police car.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 12.04.48 PM

The Yellow Cadillac, removed from the crash site, while police officers arrest the young Puerto- Rican adolescent.

Questioning my own Bias:

Young Man Arrestedd by Police.

Today, a young Puerto Rican man was driving a Yellow Cadillac on Mango Street. After spending his afternoon driving relatives and underaged little sisters around the neighborhood, police cars were beginning to follow the Cadillac he was driving. Once the young man realized he was being followed, he stopped the vehicle, to let his relatives and little sisters out of the car. Then, he rapidly took off with the vehicle, attempting to avoid the police cars. Once reaching a corner, the young man crashed into a lamppost, in the attempt of making a left-hand corner. The young man was not seriously injured in any way, except for a few bruises and a bloody lip, but the front of the car was badly damaged. As soon as he got out of the car, the young Puerto Rican man was handcuffed, and taken away in the police car.


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