Collective Identity: The Coolies


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.25.05 AM

The Coolies


    • When did the group arrive?
    • Where are they located geographically on the isthmus?
    • How were they treated?
    • Why were they treated this way?
    • What were their living conditions?
    • What conflicts ensued?
    • How did they become part of the Panamanian society?
    • How are they viewed today?
    • Things to research and consider for your article:
      • 1.How does geography aid in the development of Panama?
      • 2.What is the importance of immigrants and migration in Panama in 19th century
      • 3.How has religion influenced Panamanian values?
      • 4.To what extent was Panama a land of opportunity, liberty, ordeal, and/or oppression? (Choose one)
      • 5.Discrimination and Rights of citizens

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